“What’s my motivation?”

by Barry Hill

Time is often a challenge that many of us battle in pursuit of reaching our fitness goals. Yes, we all could most likely use an extra hour or two or 10 in the day. However, interestingly, in our recent consumer market research, Fit After Fifty asked respondents:

Please share what are your greatest challenges toward becoming more healthy and fit.  The most common response included something about ‘MOTIVATION’.  We even had someone goes as far as to say:

“I don’t really have the motivation. I have a room full of ‘motivational books’ that never worked. Nothing will work until I’m ready.” – anonymous

I started thinking about that last part, “…until I’m ready.”  I surprisingly find hope in this statement.  You see, this person, though he may never decide he is ready and could remain a skeptic, pessimist, etc., forever, that same person can also decide today, “I’m ready.”  It’s a choice.  The research in which many of you  participated, communicated something similar.  You have the power to choose.  This is the same whether we’re talking about where to go for lunch or getting fit.

Our goal, particularly with this upcoming eBook, is to show others who have made choices toward becoming and sustaining fitness…to provide something that just might spark interest to choose a new direction toward fitness.

What motivated you to choose fitness?


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Richard Greiling August 22, 2012 - 5:30 pm

I am tired of being tired.

I have noticed that one of the consequences of aging is decreased confidence. It is probably a hormonal effect. Fitness restores confidence and a positive outlook.

Barry Hill August 22, 2012 - 7:51 pm

Richard, thanks for the comment. I know if I’ve had a “rough” day, after a good workout, my perspective and confidence in myself and life in general is completely restored. I would think that’s true at every age.;) We’ll have to ask Tony for his opinion!

Joel Thomas August 22, 2012 - 7:34 pm


1. Knowledge
2. Pain
3. Fear
4. Guilt
5. Love

1. Knowledge of the pros and cons of a balanced and healthy lifestyle vs. an unbalanced or unhealthy lifestyle “enables” me to evaluate the numerously significant benefits of optimal exercise and a nutritious diet vs. the empirically researched and well documented significant risks of being obese, sedentary and poorly nourished. Without knowing the facts or what the “truth” is we can’t make well informed reasonable choices and yet remain ignorant to the risks and dangers that we may knowingly or unknowingly take.

2. Pain (or avoiding pain) is one the most powerful motivators in the world. Pain causes or forces us to take action or react. I know that when I don’t exercise or engage in strength & stability activities as well as flexibility & mobility techniques It is only a matter of when, and not if, my back will go out whereby I will be in a heck of a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort. I literally hurt mentally, physically, and spiritually if I don’t exercise and eat right.

3. I Fear with a capital “F” being Fat, Weak, Sluggish, Sick and Diseased. The feeling of Fear is Painful enough for me to take a “by whatever means necessary approach” to diet and exercise. Nothing will get in my way…end of story!!!

4. If I know what I should or need to to and by my own choice opt to not act or behave according to that knowledge or my own “truths” (Principles) I feel incredibly guilty. I’m not ignorant…I’m an idiot to not try my very best to eat right and exercise vigorously. I flat out refuse to be an idiot. Therefore, I obtain and understand knowledge as to why and how to exercise and eat optimally.

5. In the end…Love Wins every time. You have got to “Love Yourself FIRST”. If I don’t love myself enough to take care of me first, my health, my nutrition, my exercise, MY LIFE, WHO WILL? Only Love is powerful enough to overcome Pain, Fear, and Guilt.

Love & Respect Yourself FIRST!

Establish Your Principles and then “Do the Right Thing” or at least try, no DO your very best with the tools YOU have (knowledge, skills, abilities, and strengths).

Get Help…Find Support (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! None of us can do it “Alone”. You are not alone.

Decide what you can do today to Love, Respect, and Honor YOUR Mind, Body, and Spirit and you will quickly find that those around you will love, respect, and honor YOU for being YOU!!! That is “MY MOTIVATION”.

Strength & Peace,
Coach Joel

Barry Hill August 22, 2012 - 7:53 pm

Wow, Joel! Yet again, you nailed it! Thanks for sharing your awesome messages so effectively.

Are you ready for the big eBook coming out later this fall? You’d be a great spokesperson.


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