What to Look for in Activewear

by Fit After Fifty
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In this day and age, workout clothing doesn’t always mean ugly oversized t-shirts and baggy sweatpants. You can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time, with  dozens of brands taking into account their senior customers and their specific needs. Here are a few important elements that you should look for when building up your activewear wardrobe.

What to Look for In Activewear


Sometimes finding time to hit the gym or even go for a neighborhood stroll is a hassle, which is why so many activewear pieces focus on versatility. Black leggings can take you from running errands to running the track — just swap out your shoes and jacket to change up the mood of the outfit. Sweatpants don’t have to be sloppy either. Tapered joggers paired with a nice blouse can even be appropriate for the workplace. Once you think of your athletic wear as a base for the rest of your outfit, the right accessories are all you need to take a workout look from the gym to a lunch date.

Compression Gear

Compression shorts and leggings provide the perfect support for jogging, yoga, or just going to the gym. This particular type of spandex workout gear hugs your body just a bit tighter than regular cotton pants, keeping you warm, making you feel supported, increasing blood flow, and reducing muscle soreness.

High-Waisted Pants

High-waisted leggings are also popular, supporting your tummy and eliminating the need for yanking up your waistband five minutes into an aerobics class (or even in line when grocery shopping!).

Sports Bras

One piece of activewear that totally depends on support is the sports bra. Luckily more and more options exist for small and large-busted individuals to help keep your chest comfortable and secured during workouts, with size-inclusive brands becoming more popular.


Thankfully, being fashionable is easy right now, with athleisure-wear, a mix between leisure and athletic wear, being all the rage. Tapered sweatpants, patterned leggings, and breathable t-shirts in bright colors and cute designs will give you a stylish edge whether you’re playing with your grandkids or walking around the track.


In the end, few things are more important than comfort. Fleece zip-ups, soft sweats, stretchy leggings, and perfectly fitting athletic shoes provide a cozy wardrobe that can withstand being stuck in holiday traffic, sitting in an office chair, or doing a high-intensity workout.

So throw out those dumpy old t-shirts and stretched out sweatpants and upgrade your activewear wardrobe to one that supports, is comfortable, and makes you feel confident no matter where you get moving!

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