The Saturday Smoothie

by Barry Hill
The Saturday Smoothie

Obesity is one of the biggest health risks we’re facing around the world.  We tell ourselves we’ll never been obese, but then one day we look in the mirror and see the writing on the wall.  The good news is there are things you can do to make a change.  One effective strategy to combat excess weight gain is by using an intermittent fasting diet.  Practitioners frequently lose weight, curb cravings, and experience a greater sense of control over their diet.

Lose Weight by Intermittent Fasting


Toxins are all around us.  They can be found in our food, our air, our water, and our homes.  It’s inevitable we’ll all come across them, but there are many simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of exposure.  Each of them are simple in their own way, but all of them compounded together can make for some substantial improvements to your environment.  Use these easy tricks to minimize the toxins all around you.

15 Trick to Reduce the Toxins in Your Life


Sugar directly contributes to weight gain, obesity, and diabetes.  It tastes great, but it wreaks havoc on our health and our waistlines.  By cutting it out, or significantly reducing the amount we consume, we can experience immediate health benefits.  It takes commitment, but learn how to completely detox from sugar in short order.

Detox from Sugar in 10 Days


Fall is finally upon us!  That beautiful time of year when the weather is still good, the leaves turn colors, and the warm clothes get brought out of the closets.  What better way to get in that autumn spirit than by testing out a delicious crock pot recipe.  The good news is it’s healthy, it’s easy, and you’ll love it.  If you haven’t made a crock pot meal before, or don’t cook much for yourself, don’t fret.  It’s as simple as chopping up veggies, adding lentils, and letting the crock pot do the rest!

Easy Crock Pot Lentil Soup


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