The Saturday Smoothie – Take Action, Hydrate, and Get Tough

by Barry Hill

How To Stay Fit in the Work Place

Many of us would love to shed a few unwanted pounds.  How do we get to the root cause of our weight gain and increase in waistline?  One of the first places you should look is in your workplace.  Is it a sanctuary of health and wellness, or does it tempt you with donuts, cookies, and idle time sitting behind a desk?  Use these tips to ensure you’re getting fit at work, not getting fat.

Get Fit While in the Work Place

Making a Change

Sometimes when you’re stuck in a rut, it can be difficult to get back on track.  You read the articles, watch the videos, and know intuitively you need to make a change, but where to start?  Use this guide to take action once and for all, and set your life on a better trajectory.  It’s especially helpful if you just want that extra nudge to help you get started.

Take the First Step Once and for All

All About Hydration

Our bodies are filled with water – about two thirds of us to be exact.  It’s essential to survive, but can it help us thrive?  We’re always told that we should drink eight glasses per day, but why is that the case? Dr. Mercola walks us through exactly what happens within our bodies when we’re not consuming enough water.  This should be all the motivation you need to quench that thirst and keep a large bottle of water within arms reach at all time!

What Happens When we’re Dehydrated?

Water Bottle

How Are They So Tough?

Do you have that friend or acquaintance that just seems to be on top of it at all times?  He or she is always up early, always in a good mood, gets their work done, and has a huge smile the whole time.  You can be that person too.  By using these strategies, you can learn how to cultivate a stronger mental toughness today.  They’re simple, yet powerful.  Give them a try!

How to Be Mentally Strong

smiling man

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