Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

by Fit After Fifty
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Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all that’s good in life, and being in an assisted living facility shouldn’t make it any less festive. To make this holiday great for all the seniors in your facility, start celebrating early on in November with the following crafts and activities.

Thanksgiving Wreaths

Who says you have to wait until Christmas to decorate with wreaths? Residents will have fun creating Thanksgiving wreaths with fall decor elements, such as pine cones, acorns, and leaves. Afterwards, they can showcase their work on the doors to their rooms for all to see.

Gourd Turkeys

Way cuter than the traditional handprint turkey but just as easy to assemble, these gourd turkeys combine paper and a squash or gourd to create a festive Thanksgiving decoration. The free template makes designing and cutting out the turkey shape simple for seniors.

Acorn Garland

These acorn garlands will get residents and staff alike into the Thanksgiving spirit, while also providing a fun and hands-on craft activity. Plus, they’ll look great in any room of the facility!

Gratitude Tree

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we think about what we’re most thankful for. To help residents show their gratitude, set up a gratitude tree in a common area early on in the month, so they can hang notes detailing the things that they appreciate most. Come Thanksgiving day, share the notes aloud for all to hear.

Thank You Letters

Once residents have thought about what they’re grateful for, they may want to take it one step further by writing to those who have made an impact on their lives. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to let loved ones know that you’re thinking of them, and residents can make their letters even more festive by decorating them with a Thanksgiving theme.

Family Recipe Competition

While some dishes are typical of Thanksgiving dinner, many families also have unique recipes that they cook every year. To create some friendly competition and give residents some input as to what their Thanksgiving dinner includes, have residents present their favorite recipes for a vote. The winning recipes will be part of their Thanksgiving meal!

Thanksgiving Place Cards

To prepare for an extra festive Thanksgiving dinner, make these Thanksgiving place cards ahead of time for everyone who plans to join the meal. Instructions are simple, and only a handful of materials are necessary, all of which are easily attainable.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Once the recipes have been chosen and the decorations and place cards are made, it’s time for the big finale: Thanksgiving dinner. Let seniors join in the cooking and setup, and be sure to share notes from the gratitude tree while everyone is gathered.

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