SUP is up! Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding for Fitness

by Alison McIrvin
SUP is up! Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding for Fitness

SUP or stand up paddle boarding has been all the rage for the last few summers now. We are seeing SUP rental vans at most beaches, lakes, and vacation resorts. SUP yoga and SUP race events are taking off like crazy around the world. Costco is selling more and more SUP boards each season and carrying more variety. That sure tells you something!

There are some good reasons why SUP is so popular and why people are seeing results.

  • It’s fun! Who doesn’t like to get out on the water and play? You will be having so much fun you may not realize at first what a great workout it can be. And when you have fun working out, you are going to see results in your fitness levels since you will stick with it.
  • SUP works your core and balance. Both are critical for us to work on as we have more and more birthdays beyond the big 5-0
  • Unlike kayaks and canoes, SUP gives you a great vantage point and freedom and flexibility. Surprisingly, you are able to see more underwater life when a bit higher up on the board than right down at water level
  • SUP works your core, shoulders, and serratus anterior, lats, and triceps.
  • You can do SUP yoga and take your yoga experience to a whole new level.
  • You face your fears. The risk of falling and pushing yourself to the limit teaches you to take on challenges in life.
  • The SUP community is pretty cool and you will meet people who will encourage you, make you laugh, and teach you things you have never tried before.

Check out this site for some great tips on building a solid SIP foundation and doing it right. You will be glad you did and feel more stable. Let us know some of your SUP experiences and successes…and even some of your fabulous falls, as well!

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Haley Simmons June 20, 2016 - 12:36 am

Paddle boarding is a great core workout. I’ve paddled in the Bahamas and watched sting rays gliding beneath me, sea turtles swim by, jelly fish, and even the occasional dolphin that pops its head up curious to see what you’re doing. It’s not great if you have a bad back, which many older people do (I know my husband does!). Otherwise, it’s a great sport that’s seen a surge in popularity. You can get into it fairly cheaply nowadays too so don’t let cost stop you from trying a new hobby!

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