Stay Cool and Fit This Summer with These Fun Activities

by Janet Luhrs
Stay Cool and Fit This Summer with These Fun Activities

By Janet Luhrs,

What? You’re 50 or over and you think playing outside in the summer is for kids?

Never mind!  As you’ve noticed reading this blog, my mission in life is to inspire you to move that beautiful body of yours – and to find pleasure doing so. Especially during the oh-so-sweet months of summer, there are loads of things you can do that provide great exercise and a wonderful time.

Granted, I’m probably asking you to push yourself out of your comfort zone by trying some of my ideas below – but then again – that’s why you’re reading this blog – to get pushed just a little.

So even for the most die-hard of couch potatoes, read through this list and see if you can find at least one activity to try. And then write to me and tell me how it was. My guess is you’ll feel so proud and happy that you got outside and tried something new and fun.

  • Stand up Paddle boarding or SUP: We have to start out this post with a shout for SUP, one of the hottest new workout trends in the last few years. SUP started as an off shoot of surfing when it made it possible for surfers to paddle farther out to catch those great waves. There are SUP yoga classes, moonlight paddle board events, paddle board races. Whether you choose to kneel and paddle or stand, it is a great workout for many major muscle groups and especially so when you practice your SUP yoga
  • Kayaking: Kayaking is a wonderful workout for shoulders, back and abs as you really dig in. Focus on good technique and some of these tips here and you can make it as much of a cardio challenge as you like by paddling in long spurts.
  • Tubing: Even though the boat seems to be doing all the work, holding onto that tube really works your back, shoulders, and abs. Make yourself swim out to the boat to start and do the same on your way back and you’ll really have a great workout!
  • Full Body Water Aerobics: People tend to associate this with older seniors who have fewer fitness options. Even though this is great for those with joint issues, this deep water workout is not for the faint of heart and really gets your heart pumping with a whole body challenge.
  • River Float: While river floating doesn’t exactly conjure up images of hard cardio and strength training, it certainly burns more calories than sitting home.  And if you find a good launching place that has a trail along the river, you can float down, then walk back up and get in your workout that way!  Or just consider the whole day your reward for working hard the other days of the week  😉
  • Water Skiing or Wakeboarding: either one is a great all body workout from your shoulders, back, core, and legs. Definitely some cardio involved as well! And just as with tubing, a swim out to the boat and back is in order to make it a full workout.
  • Scuba Diving: Ok, this one is not something to just pick up one random weekend, but if you have been curious or have a vacation to tropical places coming up, consider getting certified. Many dive shops sponsor PADI certified courses that can be done in as little as a week with a weekend of concentrated open dives. Once you have experienced the undersea world, you will wonder why you had not tried it sooner!

Regardless of which warm weather water workouts you try this summer, don’t neglect to warm up and stretch, especially your back and shoulders for the activities listed that really challenge those areas. No one wants a pulled back at the end of a good skiing run! And of course use your sunscreen!

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