Resolving to Take Personal Accountability for our Health

by Barry Hill
Resolving to Take Personal Accountability for our Health

Around this time of year, I reflect on the important relationships in my life that I’m blessed to have —with my family, friends, colleagues…and the one I have with myself. It’s a great time for recalibrating my thoughts on how I can improve myself so that I can be better in all my relationships. A big part of this involves my own health. I feel strongly about being personally accountable for my own health, not just for myself, but so I can enjoy life with those I care about the most.

Roosevelt kick in the pants quoteRecently, I was talking to a friend who was visiting from Zurich, Switzerland. Statistically, about 8% of the Swiss population is obese. In the US, we’re looking at about 34% of our population being obese. For those of you who know me, you won’t be surprised by what I asked him,

“What is the one thing to do to help solve the obesity & financial crisis of the US?”

His response…

“Personal accountability.”

It was an awakening & sobering response. 

It’s absolutely uncommon to hear of anyone that doesn’t WANT to be healthy & fit—but it’s outrageously common to hear stories why people aren’t fit. Most of the stories I hear, I must admit, sound like excuses or rationalizations. In Fit After Fifty, the people talk about what they have overcome to live an active, healthy lifestyle. In many cases, they started small but with a big dream. They moved beyond the WANT to be healthy & fit, stepped up to the plate of personal accountability, and hit a proverbial home run in commitment & pushing past the excuses.

There’s an abundance of resources—many of them inexpensive or free—to help set fitness goals and work toward achieving them. However, no amount of tools, tips & tricks can make up for our decision to get up every day & determine to be healthier than we were yesterday. It’s up to you & I to decide daily to remain committed to being Fit After Fifty—fortunately, the power to make those decisions is within each & every one of us.

Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy holiday and New Year.

By Tony Whatley

Founder, Fit After Fifty


TW_RevAbout Tony: While he was a student at Georgia Tech, Tony saw a group of “older “men playing handball (they were in their 40’s).  He decided that he wanted to be as lively as them when he got to be an ancient old guy in his 40’s. That was 50 years ago. He is the author and fearless leader behind the “Fit After Fifty” movement and eBook!

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