Quick Exercises You Can Do from Your Desk

by Barry Hill
Quick Exercises You Can Do from Your Desk

With the advances we have made in healthcare and senior fitness (and let’s face it, the political changes), more and more of us are working into our 60s and even 70s. This isn’t the time to debate this massive change from the good ol’ days when we retired at 55. However, for those who are still working, it’s important to maintain a workout regimen to heal the effects a desk job will have on your body.

Specifically, there are several fantastic exercises you can do from your desk, so you don’t have to take time away from loved ones and your after-work social calendar to stay fit. Here are a few favorites…

Tricep Dips & Raises

Placing your hands on the front corners of the seat of a (non-rolling) chair, move your rear end forward so that it is suspended above the ground. Make sure your feet are far enough in front of you to provide clearance between your rear and the edge of the chair, but not too much causing your back to arch. Lower your body to a couple of inches above the floor, bending your elbows. As you straighten your arms to rise, focus the force through your hands. Repeat several times.

Chair Push-Ups

Again using a stable, non-rolling chair, face the chair and put your hands on both sides of the seat. Set your toes in a position straight behind you, so that your body makes a straight line from shoulder to ankle. Slowly bend your arms, keeping your elbows at your sides, so that your chest moves toward the chair. Push back to the straight-arm position to complete the push-up. Keep your abs tight and engaged through the movement. Repeat.

Leg Raises

You can do this one right from your office chair. Sit up straight and extend your legs out in front. Keep your ankles together as you raise your legs as high as you can. Hold at the top for five seconds, then slowly lower them to the starting position. Repeat.

Click here for more great desk exercises.

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com

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John February 7, 2016 - 4:09 am

Hello Tony, Sitting, and the dreadful health issues it causes has become a pet subject of mine of the past year or two. My son who is in IT and sits at a desk all day ended up with DVT (4 blood clots in his leg at age 32) and it shocked all of us. He is very fit, goes to the gym or surfs most days, so it was the last thing in the world we thought would happen. The trouble is, it can happen to anyone (especially older people) who does not keep active and move around at least every hour or so. Your readers may also be interested in this article I wrote at the time this incident happened: http://www.steamtrainfitness.com/lifestyle-tips-for-healthy-living/sitting-exercise-premature-death-make-sure-one-statistics/

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