Need a Motivation Boost? Visit Us On Pinterest!

by Barry Hill

Have you found us on Pinterest yet? If not, take a look! We’re having a lot of fun compiling some of the best fitness and wellness pins into interesting boards that are sure to inspire Fit After Fifty.

Looking for inspiration to exercise and focus on improving your health? We’ve got boards about the benefits of exercise, fitting exercise into your busy life, inspirational quotes and pins prompting you to stop procrastinating and get moving.

Our “Fit After 50, 60 & Beyond” board showcases some pretty amazing people who discovered fitness in their later years, proving it’s never too late to get moving and improve your health. “Transform Yourself” is full of inspiring pins about taking charge of your body and health.

Our boards also cover general well-being, developing new habits, eating for health and the ever popular board of humorous pins poking fun at health and fitness (an example appears to the right).

When life’s moving a little too fast or the day seems gray, we tend to engage in a little “Pinterest Therapy”, searching out and pinning things that inspire us. It’s amazing how quickly this enjoyable task can turn a mood around and help us focus on what’s important.

Pinterest can be an effective tool for you, too. Start a board or two of your own that reflect your goals relating to fitness, healthy eating and overall wellness. That way you’ll always be able to find those ideas that inspire you to make healthy changes. Begin by following our boards. Leave your Pinterest link in a comment below and we’ll be sure to follow you back!

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