Look Gorgeous While Embracing the Gray

by Fit After Fifty
Marina Trevijano smiling for the camera

Society is constantly telling us how to remain youthful and attractive, and ignoring these messages just gets more difficult as we age. Everywhere we turn, we’re surrounded by ads for creams, waxes, diets, and dyes.

Fortunately, more and more women are sharing their healthy lifestyles and embracing their natural beauty while inspiring others to do so on social media platforms such as Instagram. Hashtags such as #silversisters, #grayhairdontcare, and #grombre show us examples of women throwing unrealistic beauty expectations out the window, growing out their natural gray hair, and looking amazing!

But after years and possibly decades of dying, how does one make the transition gracefully?

Go Short

One way to get a head start on your new natural gray look is to make the plunge to short hair. Wait for two to three inches of natural grow out and then head to a trusted salon. Pixie cuts are easy to maintain and are a classic look that’s shown to be stylish for decades, especially when paired with a bold lip, like Jineen Marie is sporting.

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Correct Your Color

If chopping all your hair off simply isn’t an option, visit a professional stylist and get a color correction or dye job. By adding new color to your dyed hair, you can blend your new gray roots with the rest of your hair and eliminate awkward-looking demarcation.

Some stylists can even add highlights or lowlights in different gray and silver tones to create depth and natural-looking color, creating an effect similar to @littlespottedfawn’s gorgeous locks.

Use Purple Shampoo

Use purple shampoo and conditioner when you wash your hair. The purple works by counteracting the brassy, warm, yellow tones in light hair. This keeps your natural hair looking like Marina’s — sparkly, bright, and healthy.

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Hydrate Your Grays

As your natural gray hair grows in, you might discover that its texture is a bit different. Gray hair tends to grow out courser and dryer than before, which means hydration is extra important.

Invest in a good moisturizing shampoo, hair mask, or conditioning treatment to keep your natural hair looking smooth and healthy like Carla’s.

Be Confident

Angel Cornelius shows us that embracing your grays with confidence and joy is the most important step in your natural hair journey. Your inner beauty will be sure to shine through if you meet each day with determination and kindness (cute shoes help too!).

Gray hair doesn’t have to be a negative part of the aging process. Terry and the rest of these awesome ladies on Instagram show us how to throw outdated societal beauty standards out the window and live a healthy, happy, and glamorous gray-haired life!

Do you have any tips or tricks for going gray gracefully, or would you like to share your silver hair journey?

Featured image via @marinatrevijano

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