Keep Active With Your Grandkids This Holiday Season

by Fit After Fifty
Person holding a baby and smiling while looking outside

Now that the holidays are here, taking advantage of everyone being together in the same place at the same time is important — especially if you have young grandkids. Engaging in upbeat activities with your grandchildren can be fun and beneficial for everyone involved, and studies have even shown that grandparents who spend time looking after their grandkids are more likely to delay the onset of dementia. Here are a few activities you and your grandchildren can tackle this holiday season.

Play in the Snow

When the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, staying indoors and cozying up by the fire can be tempting. Instead, bundle up with the young ones and get outside! The fresh air will feel great, and nothing lights up a kid’s face like falling snowflakes. Team up and make the perfect snowman for your front yard, build those muscles by pulling the little ones in a sled, teach your grandkids how to make the best snow angels, or start a snowball fight! Just remember to dress warmly, and don’t spend too long in the cold. You’ll get a great outdoor workout, and warming up by the fire will feel great on your muscles.

Go Caroling and See the Lights

Bundle up, lace up your walking shoes, and take a nice winter stroll around your neighborhood. See if any other family members or neighbors would like to sing carols or simply check out the beautiful light displays around the block. Walking is a great way to get your exercise in, and the low-impact workout will give you time to connect with your grandchildren and create special memories.

Bake Some Treats

The kitchen is considered the heart of many holiday gatherings. Invite your grandchild to pick a holiday recipe to make with you for the rest of the family. A lot of traditional holiday treats have alternative recipes that substitute unhealthy elements for more health-conscious ones. Following directions and measuring ingredients will not only help your little one with their cognitive development, it will also assist in keeping your mind sharp — and baking skills fresh!

Have a Holiday Dance Party

Even if it’s just during commercial breaks as the family is gathered watching TV, make a point of getting up and moving your body. Find a holiday playlist or dust off some old records and show your grandchildren that you can still boogie! Learning each other’s unique dance moves and repeating them can also help with memory and will definitely cause some holly jolly belly laughs.


No matter what activities you and your grandchildren do this holiday season, the important part is spending time and making memories with the ones you love. So whether you build the perfect snowman or bake the tastiest cookies, remember that the healthiest thing you can do this holiday season is keep moving!


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