It’s Time to Get Our Parents Fit!

by Barry Hill
It’s Time to Get Our Parents Fit!

Most adult children care about the wellbeing of their aging parents, especially as their bodies start to deteriorate and pain as a consequence of aging gets worse. It is heartbreaking to watch any loved one in pain or with low quality of life as a result of the limits of aging. And when it’s the person that gave you life, raised you, supported you, made uncountable sacrifices for you, and kept you laughing and loving life all the way, that’s extremely distressing.

While we obviously can’t find the Fountain of Youth and get some rejuvenating water for Mom and/or Dad to drink to stay young forever, there are some ways to slow the aging process and improve their quality of life as they do grow older.

Fit After Fifty is a community and a movement that wants to inspire and support aging men and women who want to achieve a longer, better life through fitness. And beyond merely encouraging the after-fifty-ers themselves, the movement can go so much further. The Fit After Fifty community isn’t just people who are 50-plus and trying to get healthier and more fit… It’s for their kids, too!

We care about our parents, and can help support them to live better by introducing them to the life-changing benefit of fitness and health.

And it’s time. The sooner they start on a path to consistent weekly exercise and a nutritional diet, the sooner Mom and Dad can enjoy the benefits! Some of the best include more energy day-to-day, less pain from inflammation and other consequences of aging muscles, joints and bones, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduced risk of injury and illness, and the probability of a longer life.

What parent doesn’t want to enjoy active time with their kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids? By encouraging your Mom and Dad to get into fitness and re-fit their diet to a nutrition-packed one, you may be helping to extend their life by years. What’s more, the quality of that life will be worlds better than the one they may have spent wasting away in their TV chair.

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Sir Guy December 20, 2016 - 9:50 am

Practice Gratitude.

Sir Guy December 20, 2016 - 9:51 am

Live Your Gratitude.


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