How to Know When it is Time to Replace Your Running Shoes

by Alison McIrvin
How to Know When it is Time to Replace Your Running Shoes

You have that oh-so-perfectly-comfy pair of running shoes and something is telling you perhaps it is time to trade ‘em in and get another pair. But you luuuuv these old favorites and the thought of all that looking and trying on and perhaps not finding a replacement that even compares to your current love…

You may just need to face the music and consider that this relationship is likely over and it is time to put these smelly pups out to the garden shed. Your feet and really your whole body need a solid pair of runners that can withstand the shock of those miles and give your feet, legs and joints the support they need.

Here are some ways to see the signs it’s time to replace your running shoes:

  • Your legs and joints are starting to suffer from overuse injuries and you are feeling the impact after every run in ways you have not done so before.
  • You do a lot of running on rough roads or trails and wear off the soles as well as wear out the cushion in the shoe.
  • The sole under the heel looks broken down and crushed, or the midsole material begins to poke through.
  • The midsole of your shoes is no longer providing the stability and stress cushioning it used to and is breaking down before the rest of the shoes do
  • You have already put on 300-400 miles on those shoes and it shows. Bigger runners probably need to replace their shoes closer to the 300 mark, smaller and more efficient runners can go to around 400 miles.
  • You are starting to suffer from shin splints, a painful, sharp sensation down the lower leg along the shin in the soft tissue behind the shin bone.

Keep in mind any of the above symptoms mean you are already past that point of needing new shoes. This time, buy your new pair before any of the above happens so that you are not tempted to continue to put on miles when you really need to be making mileage to the running shoe store.

Take care of those dogs, they work hard for you!

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