Healthy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

by Barry Hill

Healthy Father's Day Gift Ideas

Psssst… To all the daughters, sons and mothers out there – this Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day! And did you know that this week, leading up to Father’s Day is National Men’s Health week…and June is National Men’s Health Month?! So what are we hinting at here?? You may have guessed by now… That’s right, healthy Father’s Day gift ideas. We’re strongly encouraging to reconsider that tie pin or ink pen this year and let your creative juices flow on the topic of health.

Men are still living 6 years less than women on average.  According to the Men’s Health Network, this is primarily due to a lack of preventative health measures, including a simple check-up. As hard as it might be for Dad to make the bed or remember anniversaries, it appears to be even harder for Dad to make it to that routine check-up appointment. But Dad’s health is certainly a family issue. The females in Dad’s life, including his grandchildren, want to keep Dad around forever!  So this Father’s Day, let’s help Dad out. Some options:

  • Literally schedule a check-up if you have his doctor’s contact info.
  • Leave a from-the-heart note in his Father’s Day card, encouraging him to stay healthy and segueing to the question of “When was your last check-up?
  • Also, tell him – or in that Father’s Day card, remind him – of his role as a role model for the rest of the family… He needs to show the rest of the family that health check-ups are important!
  • Or, like the Men’s Health Network is suggesting for kids and grandkids to post on Dad’s facebook page: “Man up and take charge of your health!”

And, beyond that doctor’s appointment, offer a gift of physical activity so he can actually get out and sweat. Consider springing for these healthy Father’s Day gift ideas:

  • Round of golf.
  • Consultation with a personal trainer.
  • New walking/running shoes and an invitation to have a walking/running date together.
  • A gift card to his local sporting good store along with a couple of tennis lessons.
  • 6-month gym/club membership.

Endless ideas…. Have fun thinking of something just right for the Dad in your life.

And, if you’re reading this and you are THE DAD, a very Happy, Healthy Father’s Day from the Fit After Fifty Team! Take the hint from the family that loves you.


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