Get Fit in 2013: It’s Never Too Late!

by Barry Hill

Get fit

We’d like to wish you a very happy 2013!

We realize you’re probably bombarded with New Years Resolution advice, promos, resources, etc. Whether you’re the one looking to make some healthy changes this year, or someone you know is, FitBehavior has something that can help…


…stories of real people who have successfully overcome their challenges to live healthier, more satisfying lives through physical fitness. Sure, you can purchase new workout gear, download the latest workout-tracking app, etc. to get fit starting with exercise. But, in order for these resources to be fully utilized, a healthy mindset needs to exist – “healthy” equating to positive, persistent, confident and hopeful beliefs that your efforts will produce “feel-better” results. Keep in mind, however, that  health (and a fully integrated active lifestyle) is a long-term project. Results don’t happen overnight. So, add two more properties to the healthy mindset: patience and faith!

Get Fit Belief

Speaking of faith, here’s a sample from Faith Ireland’s story in Inspire Your Fit Behavior, illustrating that it’s certainly NEVER TOO LATE to start! Remember, having faith is not only religiously speaking but to have faith is to be optimistic about your goals. Having that confidence in yourself will help you strive more and more until you have reached your goal. Engage in something you like doing and that will keep you motivated. Don’t give up!

**If you or someone you know has a “Never too Late” success story, we’d love to hear it. Empower someone else to realize, too, that it’s never too late. Thanks for sharing!

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