Fun (and active) things to do with your valentine

by Barry Hill


Some of us may need the friendly reminder—others know it’s coming, but haven’t come up with the *perfect* plan yet. No worries! First of all, you’ve got a few days to figure it out—second of all… we’ve got some ideas for you.

old-couple-holding-handsAt Fit After Fifty, we want the best for our loved ones—and we want to BE the best for our loved ones. We want to see them succeed in their goals, live happy & fulfilled lives—and we want them to be around for a long time with us. Encouraging loved ones to stay active is an excellent way to enjoy the passing days with them, as well as ensuring that they’re around (and we’re around!) as long as possible.

Here are five fun & active ideas for you & your valentine to do together:

1. Try out a tandem bike.

Are the two of you avid cyclers? There are places in nearly every city where you can rent a tandem bike & take it for a spin. Bonus points if you can find one in a scenic area that’ll be good for a quick picnic. (Might be still too cold out for a long one!)

2. Go dancing!

Dancing is not only good for your body, but it invites closeness & intimacy. Find a beginners class for your preferred dance style (we like Salsa!) and reserve a spot. We must warn you, however—dancing is fun & addicting! You might walk out of your first class craving a second session.

3. Find a team sport to try.

Coax a little information out of your valentine and find out if there’s a team sport he or she has always wanted to try—or get back into. Joining a team sport as a couple will not only give you a healthy activity to do together, but it’ll also likely bring new friends into your lives!

4. Take him or her kayaking.

Kayaking is a really great low-impact workout—and is fairly easy to pick up. You can rent two individual kayaks, or go in tandem in a two-person boat. Sunrise kayak trips are the best! And if you’re in an urban center, whatever body of water you find yourself on is probably right near a nice restaurant with a killer view.

5. Create a scavenger hunt that involves a lot of walking.

This one takes some planning… create & leave clues at places that hold significance in your relationship. Have 5-10 spots within walkable distance—and end the extravaganza at a favorite restaurant or location!

And keep in mind that dark chocolate (in moderation) is good for you! Even better if it involves some healthy fruits or nuts, too…

Remember on this day of love that kissing has some fantastic benefits in boosting your immune system and other physiological perks. And if you plan to get busy with your partner, sex burns calories, so it certainly counts as a healthy Valentine’s Day activity!

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day activity that’s active? Please share it on Facebook, or let us know in the comments section below.

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