Facing Reality: Anita Biggs’ Fit After Fifty Story

by Alison McIrvin
Anita Biggs doing CrossFit

At age 54, Anita Biggs is a realist. Despite living an active lifestyle throughout high school and college, post-college graduation adult life found her not working out and eating poorly. This was her reality through much of her 30s.

Once she hit 40 and reality set in, Anita realized that she better “do it now while she still can” and joined free tennis lessons for military spouses. Her goal was merely to meet other wives and learn the game. Three months into it, Anita was hooked, playing Monday through Friday!

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As with most military families, a move took her overseas and once again, she joined a class to meet people. Although Anita wasn’t specifically targeting CrossFit, it was the most convenient class available. Again, just a couple of months into it, she was hooked.

Anita’s CrossFit obsession meant that she entered her 50s the strongest she had been in her entire life.

Of course, the road to her 50s was not always without roadblocks. Anita’s came in the form of those nagging voices: “You’re not as young as you used to be” or “Don’t hurt yourself.” Anita realized in her mid-40s that she needed to push those voices aside and not limit herself. Meeting other women who were also pushing themselves provided the community she needed to keep going.

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Anita Biggs doing CrossFit
Because of her obsession with CrossFit, Anita is currently the strongest she has ever been.

Currently, Anita’s typical week involves six workout days, including CrossFit classes three to four times a week and running one to two times a week, weather permitting. Workout videos are her go-to when she lacks the motivation to exercise in bad weather.

Anita confesses to being an “American Ninja Warrior” junkie: “Watching these athletes do amazing feats encourages me to work out and get stronger.” Another trick she uses when she is not feeling motivated is to set the timer for 10 minutes, telling herself that is all she needs to do. Usually after the first 10 minutes, she wants to finish her workout and continues on.

Hacks that work:

  • Insanity workout videos
  • Motivation via reality sports shows
  • Women in her life who are in great shape and encourage her path
  • 10-minute timers
  • Motivational quotes or songs to keep her going
  • A diet that includes many clean and colorful foods

Anita certainly looks back at her introduction to CrossFit as the key to facing reality and not limiting herself in her fitness journey. How do you keep it real and stay on track in your fitness journey?

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