Don’t Get Into a Winter Workout Rut

by Alison McIrvin
Don’t Get Into a Winter Workout Rut

It is cold and dark out there and there are real reasons why various animals hibernate in the winter months. Coming home from work and cozying up on the couch with a good read or flick just sometimes seems more attractive than getting out there and getting sweaty. Even the most dedicated of athletes hit ruts in workout routines, making it hard to keep motivated.

There are plenty of reasons to stay motivated in your workouts, so you don’t get into a winter workout rut. We have a list for you to refer to when those days come… and they will!

  • Spring time and better weather is really only 3 months away. You can accomplish a lot in three months and really be ready to go for some of those outdoor pursuits you don’t do during the winter. Post a pic of yourself engaged in your favorite warmer weather activity for motivation.
  • Learn to love the cold. Winter sports are a blast and if you don’t have one, make this winter the one where you try something new. You will be invigorated just getting out in the pretty white stuff and it is all that much more fun while trying that new snow sport you have been putting off.
  • Bust the Blahs: Most individuals in northern climates are affected even just a bit by the decreased daylight and sunshine. Getting out and ramping up your heart rate and endorphins has been proven to help beat the winter blues. Just tell yourself it is a commitment to good mental health.
  • Get a workout buddy for the winter months: When you are committed to checking in with someone else, you are setting yourself on the path to success since you are less likely to put things off if you are checking in with someone or meeting them to work out.
  • Set some goals: Sit down and think of the fitness skills or levels that you know you have been thinking of. Then make a plan to get to the finish line. Are 25 pushups a challenge? Are you frustrated with your ab strength? Set specific goals to certain levels and work toward those each day and mark your progress in a workout journal app.
  • Speaking of technology…check out some of these great fitness apps. Getting started on one of these will make your workouts fresh and fun and keeps you accountable and motivated as you see your progress in relationship to your goals. There are a great variety to choose from with different focuses such as cash rewards or involvement in a fitness community for “team” encouragement.
  • Burn Baby, Burn: More calories, that is. You burn more calories working out in winter months than you do in the summer. This is due to your body needing to work harder in the cold weather to maintain proper body temp.
  • Get some new gear or workout clothing. If you have fun, new things to wear and also appropriate gear to keep you dry and warm, you are more likely to get out in the elements and look great while working towards your fitness goals.

If it helps, post some of these reasons on 3×5 cards around your house to keep you on track and motivated to hang in there until that great weather returns. It will return and what you do during these winter months will have bearing on in what condition you will greet the spring!

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