Communities and Fitness Resources for Seniors

by Barry Hill
Communities and Fitness Resources for Seniors

It’s hard to make any kind of big change in one’s life without support. Community is integral to the process, whether that is loved ones encouraging us to go after our dreams and meet our goals, or a supportive person (or group) joining us to do it together.

As a growing community itself, Fit After Fifty is designed to inspire and motivate individuals over the age of 50 (or getting close to it) to make fitness a focus in their lives. We’re here to help with tips, advice and information to support you in your journey.

But sometimes we need more than just inspiration and education to support a big change like exercise and nutrition. We have come across a couple of fitness resources for seniors, to help expand your community…



Did you know that fitness after age 65 is considered important enough to qualify you for a Medicare benefit? SilverSneakers is a membership that connects seniors with fitness locations around the U.S. (more than 13,000) that have special classes for aging adults, as well as connecting them with fitness advisors, group activities and more. It’s a health benefit for Medicare plan members! Gyms around the U.S. are beginning to offer classes targeted to our demographic, and some, like 24-Hour Fitness, are incorporating the SilverSneakers program. Check with your local fitness facility to see if they have any classes specialized for the after-50 crowd.

Fit After Fifty provides lots of articles with fitness and nutrition tips and ideas, but we’re not the only ones! also has great ideas for specific exercise regimens that are senior-friendly, tips for staying healthy as you age, and more. Another resource is (It doesn’t look like it’s regularly updated anymore, there are still lots of helpful articles).


Live 2 B Healthy

If you currently live in a retirement community, find out if the community has or is open to incorporating on-site fitness training for its residents. Live 2 B Healthy is a national company that brings fitness classes directly to retirement facilities to support a healthier lifestyle for their residents.


American Senior Fitness Association

Beyond physical fitness, it is vital to keep your mental fitness strong as you age. The American Senior Fitness Association has a variety of programs and courses for fitness professionals who are working with aging adults, but you don’t have to be a personal trainer to take advantage of them. Engage your mind with your exercise regimen, and use their “Brain Fitness for Older Adults” course to do so effectively!


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