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We welcome you as a sponsor of Fit After Fifty. We believe that your support will enhance better health through fitness and improve thousands —if not millions—of lives. By participating in sponsorship with us, your product concept and message will be seen by all Fit After Fifty readers. Remember, this huge demographic has the motivation and financial resources to become your life-long customer.We know this population has an intense interest in health & longevity, and has more significant financial resource than any comparable group. They are ready, able and willing to listen and be convinced to buy relevant products and services like yours. Together, we represent a powerful combination of resources for this population to alter their lives in a positive, meaningful way.
Together, we will make a positive change in behavior, health, and wellbeing for millions—and this journey requires your participation. With the powerful tool of social media, we can identify, test, illustrate, calibrate & refine the best practices for exercise, diet, meditation, physical therapy and more.

Thank you for supporting the Fit After Fifty movement!

Sincerely, Tony Whatley

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