Bad Weather Fitness: Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

by Alison McIrvin
Bad Weather Fitness: Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

As much as we love and are committed to outdoor fitness and have a lot of the best gear to continue out there even in bad weather, we have to admit that sometimes, some days it is just better and even safer to find an indoor alternative. We have some creative ways for you to take the outdoors indoors and still experience somewhat of an outdoor activity and practice some of your favorite outdoor skills in the worst of conditions, for bad weather fitness.

  • Climbing Gyms: These places are pretty cool and not just for experienced genX and millennial rock climbers. Climbing gyms offer classes and introductory sessions for complete newbies. They provide a safe environment with a wide variety of skill levels and trained staff to teach you the, ahem…ropes (sorry, couldn’t resist!). You will be safely harnessed and belted with top-roped climbs up to about 60 feet or so. Top rope climbs have a carabiner secured to a ceiling bolt with the rope running through it. Some gyms also have the option of bouldering which is done closer to the ground with safety crash pads and doesn’t require harnesses or ropes. Standard gym clothes, not too loosely fitting are just fine. If you start to get into it, some good rick climbing shoes will be your first purchase.
  • Ice-skating: Yes, pretty old fashioned, but it is a great workout and appeals to people of all ages. Skates are rented, so the only gear you need to have are your typical cold weather gear and perhaps a pair of knee pads. You are sure to get in a great cardio workout!
  • Run the Rain Forest! Well, ok, indoor arboretums or conservatories is what we are talking about. Most major cities have an indoor botanical garden or conservatory and if it is not too crowded, you may be able to sneak in a power walk! Check out this list of the top 10 indoor gardens in the world and also the top botanical gardens and conservatories in the US. Check out your local or regional parks department for a list of public and private conservatories in your area.
  • Skiing! Yes, indoor ski parks are growing nation and worldwide. If you just can’t wait until there is enough real powder near you, check this out. Some of these have manufactured snow, others are actually snowless! You will be surprised at how many indoor ski parks there are and one just may be bear you.

So don’t despair with the yucky weather outside, there are options that will see you through the worst of it and keep you in shape for your favorite outdoor activities.

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