Back Pain? Get Moving!

by Barry Hill


FREEZE…take a second to become aware of your posture, right now. Did we catch you in a bad position? You’re not alone. Most of us are guilty of poor posture, particularly during hours in front of the computer. Over time, the compounding effects can be painful – literally. Our backs take quite the abuse while playing a very vital role. Like anything else we discuss in terms of behavior change, if you can make small tweaks to your posture, over time the results are quite likely to reduce back pain substantially, if not eliminate it entirely!

Thanks to a Fit After Fifty Blog reader for sharing the useful infographic below about prevention and treatment of back pain. We’d like to point out, of course, that movement is often helpful for working out back pain while being sedentary can make it worse. When in doubt, consult a health professional you trust – doctor, chiropractor, trainer, physical therapist – for guidance on relieving back pain. And, while gentle movement, like stretching, can help, vigorous jarring movement can make it worse, so treat your back kindly while it’s recovering (Hint: strengthening abdominal muscles can do wonders for preventing lower back pain!).

You may remember our own Faith Ireland. Her chronic back pain essentially led to power-lifting championship titles! Her video here. Keep in mind, the power-lifting didn’t begin until after she had completed a professionally prescribed physical therapy program. To this day, Faith knows if she didn’t get in the gym regularly, her pain would return. Talk about motivation to get yourself to the gym!

Click on the infographic to enlarge it.

Back Pain 101
Source: Top Nursing Programs


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