Affordable Home Exercise Equipment for Retirees

by Fit After Fifty
Affordable Home Exercise Equipment for Retirees

Gym memberships and fitness clubs are excellent places to exercise, but having a space and equipment in the comfort of your home may help you to cut the excuses and actually work out when going out isn’t possible or will take more time than you have. This is especially true with older adults, who may not have the mobility or resources to exercise away from home multiple times each week. Luckily, the equipment doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars – there are several items of (affordable) home exercise equipment that retirees should have on hand to keep moving.

Jump Rope

Aerobic exercise that gets your heart rate up and blood pumping are important both for your respiratory health and your blood pressure, as well as overall well being. Although running is typically too high impact of an exercise for seniors, jump roping is a way you can get in some good cardio. Most jump ropes can be found for less than $20, with some more high-end ones topping $75. Try some gentle jump rope exercises that are intended for the over-50 body, and be sure to implement low-impact modifications to your jump-roping to ensure safety.


Swimming and aquatic exercise is one of the best for an older body, since the water helps to prevent you from moving too quickly and injuring yourself, while also providing gentle resistance to challenge your strength. Most good quality kickboards are around $20. Augment your water workouts with a kickboard, trying exercises with repetitive movement to work different muscle groups, or give you added support in the pool.

Hand Weights

Every home gym should have hand weights – they offer so many different options for use! You should be sure to check with your doctor to make sure you can handle weight training, and check to see what they think is a healthy weight limit. You probably won’t need more than three different weight levels to get a good full-body workout. Find a full set for less than $30! Consider also getting some ankle weights to use if you have knee issues – these can really enhance your knee workouts to reduce pain and improve flexibility and range of motion.

Yoga Mat

Yoga is something every senior should consider adding to their fitness regimen, and it can be done anywhere and everywhere, from the park or the beach to your living room. As we get older, our bodies lose range of motion, strength and balance, and yoga helps to maintain and even improve these things to keep you healthier and moving better, often with less pain. Pricing for yoga mats is all over the place, but you don’t need a pricey one by any means. Most quality yoga mats come in under $25, but you can find swanky ones for over $100.

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