8 Fun Easter Activities to do with Grandkids

by Fit After Fifty
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Spring is in full force, and Easter is less than a week away! As you get ready to host family or visit with your grandchildren this Sunday, check out our list below to get some inspiration for fun Easter-themed activities that you can do with kids of nearly any age.  

We’ve separated out our suggestions to help refine your search of ideas for what to do with your grandkids this Easter Sunday. First up, we have outlined the classic Easter activities that probably immediately come to mind this time of year, followed by some ideas that are a little bit more unique and off the beaten path.

Classic Easter Activities for Kids

Egg Painting / Dyeing Eggs

There are lots of ways to decorate and dye eggs – the options are basically only limited by your creativity and imagination. You can dye them different colors or use fun techniques like tie dye or speckling, or you can paint them and glue on glitter or sequins to make them sparkle. One of the best things about decorating Easter eggs is that it’s a very inexpensive activity, since most of the ingredients and materials are found in the every day kitchen. And the fun can last for hours, keeping those rambunctious little ones occupied.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Another classic Easter activity is hunting for eggs. You can get lots of plastic Easter eggs for less than $15, and then stuff them with candy, stickers, loose change, toys and other fun prizes to make the hunt even more exciting. For the littlest kiddos, you could skip the prizes since they may just enjoy the novelty of searching for the brightly colored eggs. Be sure to hide the eggs in places that are appropriate to the kids’ age group, so it’s not too easy for older grandchildren or too difficult for the younger ones.

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Decorate Easter Baskets

Add a related activity to your egg hunt by decorating baskets to use for collecting the eggs, or skip the hunt and help your grandkids create fun baskets for whatever use they like. You can find inexpensive baskets at your local craft store or at Amazon.com, and have on hand plenty of things to decorate them with such as plastic gems, glittery foam stickers, colorful pom poms, feathers, decorative lace or ribbons and anything else you can think of! Or, start from scratch and make your baskets out of craft paper.

Make Easter Decorations

After you’ve completed your spring cleaning, why not decorate for spring (and Easter)? Using construction paper, glue and plastic googly eyes, you can make cute little paper animals such as bunnies and ducklings. And with paper and some other household craft supplies, you can cut out paper eggs to decorate and tape in the windows, craft some adorable springtime puppets, and so much more. Click here for dozens of fun crafting ideas for Easter decorations that you can make with your grandkids.

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Creative Easter Activities for Kids

Springtime Scavenger Hunt

Get out and enjoy that beautiful springtime weather! For a fun activity that gets the kids outside in the fresh air and appreciative of the wonders of nature, put together your own Easter scavenger hunt. You can all look for spring flowers and baby animals based on your location, like bright red cardinals or daffodils. Go hunting for other things that signal spring such as spotting a tree covered in cherry blossoms or budding leaves, or if you live in the city, finding a person wearing sunglasses or a convertible with the top down.

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Make Your Own Chocolate

Lots of people like to make Easter cookies and get baking over the weekend, and you can certainly do that, too. But what about doing something a little more novelty and making your own chocolate? This is actually quite simple and you can make chocolate with just five ingredients, excluding nuts, sprinkles and any other toppings the kiddos want to try.

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Start a Garden

Have fun planning and planting a garden with your grandchildren this Easter. Not only is this activity educational and gets them outside, it’s lots of fun and the results can be healthier eating and a reduced grocery bill. Maximize the experience by teaching them about nutrition and how plants grow – the gardening basics – and then get digging in the dirt with your chosen seeds and/or plant starts. It’s good to have a mix, if possible, so that they can see something above the ground at the end of the activity. Be sure to select plant types that are easier for kids to grow.

Play Easter Games

Think outside the box and try something other than an Easter egg hunt this year, and play some Easter-themed games instead. You can set up egg bowling, where kids roll hard boiled eggs at empty toilet paper rolls, or play Springtime charades and pin the tail on the bunny. Click here for more ideas. A lot of these ideas only require jelly beans and some basic supplies you can find around the house.

What are your favorite springtime or Easter activities to do with your grandkids?

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