Why We Need to Encourage Fitness for our Aging Parents

by Barry Hill
Why We Need to Encourage Fitness for our Aging Parents

Now that we’re adults ourselves, Mom and Dad have become more like wise friends than parental figures. We still go to them with our fears and our joys, but we do it with much more of a friendly respect than an intrinsic need.

What will happen when Mom isn’t around to offer words of encouragement during a tough time? What if Dad develops severe dementia, and can no longer provide the wise words of wisdom that he used to when we didn’t know how to address a problem?

I’m not saying that death should be on our minds all of the time, a looming day when we lose the ones who gave us life and raised us. What I am saying is that a consistent concern and focus on our parents’ quality of life as they grow older is really important. And since fitness affects so many areas of health and wellness – particularly through the aging process – it too should coincide with that concern.

We need to encourage fitness for our aging parents, for the following important reasons:

  • Health and wellness is at the core of their happiness. They may not know it, but a fit lifestyle will bring them greater happiness because they will be able to do more things, feel better, and live longer with the ones they love.
  • Fitness will give them greater enjoyment. With healthier bodies, Mom and Dad will be able to continue to have adventures and experiences, even as they age!
  • The benefits of fitness include injury prevention. Some of the top concerns for elderly people, such as balance, weak bones, and strength, are all benefited by a consistent fitness routine. Exercising can keep our parents from injuring themselves, and strengthen their bodies to recover better/faster if they are injured.
  • Longer lifetimes are supported with a fit lifestyle. Not only will a regular fitness regimen make your parents’ quality of life better, it has a probability of extending their life as well!

Why do you encourage fitness for your aging parents? Please share!

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com

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