Try These 5 Fitness Tips to Help with Back Pain

by Barry Hill
Try These 5 Fitness Tips to Help with Back Pain

The spine affects all areas of the body, which often means that it is the initial area where we experience pain. Back pain is something that commonly affects people of all ages, but the odds increase as we get older. And pain is not something any of us want to just live with; we want to make it go away!

To help treat or reduce it, try these five fitness tips to help with back pain

  1. Don’t stop exercising. Although it may seem like movement and exercise will aggravate the pain, you should not stop exercising. In fact, the right exercises and stretching are integral to the healing process, because they naturally stimulate it. Inactivity can actually increase back pain, since it becomes weak and stiff.
  2. Work with a specialist. Talk to your personal trainer or chiropractor about movements, stretches, and exercises to target specific muscle groups affecting the area that hurts. You may be surprised, since the area where you experience pain isn’t always the source!
  3. Exercise carefully. With back exercises, you do need to practice caution – a wrong move or over-extension can cause injury and pain. Ease into physical activity, and take it slow. Gradually increase repetitions, speed, and/or weight, and be aware that there may be some initial discomfort. Stop if the discomfort becomes sharply painful.
  4. Develop better flexibility. Tightness throughout your body can cause back pain, since there is an imbalance in the distribution of pressure. Increasing and developing your flexibility improves the balance of your body, thus reducing the tension on your back that leads to pain.
  5. Fortify your core. Your abdominal muscles are key for maintaining healthy posture, and also is the center connecting point for many of the muscle groups of your torso. If your core is weak, other areas pick up the slack – particularly your lower back. Alternatively, a strong core helps reduce tension on your back.

Featured photo source: Wikipedia Commons

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