Try Some New Outdoor Activities This Fall

Although heading to the gym is a nice alternative to your fall workouts when the weather is truly miserable, sometimes just trying something new is enough to help you forget the shorter, darker days and keep you motivated. We challenge you to get out there and try some new outdoor activities this fall and winter and we just bet some of these may stay with you for life!

  • Snowshoeing: If you can walk, you can snowshoe. Equipment includes snowshoes and trekking poles and winter hiking clothing. A detailed gear list here takes the guess work out of it for you. This sport is easy to learn, inexpensive to start and is a great cardo workout. Rather than waste money on a set of snowshoes and poles that don’t work for you, try renting a few different types first. Most Nordic centers rent for about $10. Then when you are ready to purchase, you know what styles work for you. You can start out on relatively flat, close in hiking trails to gain comfort and confidence before you hit the backcountry. Any ski areas near you also have perfect snowshoeing trails nearby.
  • Snowboarding: Not just for gen-x’ers, this downhill sport is less expensive than skiing for either purchasing or renting. I recommend you start out with a lesson to get you over that beginner hump, but once you do, you will be amazed at how quickly you can pick this up. This post has some really valuable tips for beginners and helps to take the mystery out of it.
  • Orienteering: Learning to read maps and navigate by compass is not only a valuable backcountry skill, it is fun! You can take it into geocaching once you get hooked. There are club orienteering events for foot, ski and bike and Orienteering USA sanctions events all across the country. This one can get really addicting, try it!
  • Ice Fishing: There is no better reason to make that lovely rich thermos of hot chocolate and enjoy the crisp, winter weather than ice fishing. Combine this with winter hiking or snowshoeing and you have some cardio to go with that yummy fish dinner later!
  • Zorbing: One of the more extreme new sports out there, but ya gotta try this! Started in New Zealand in the mid-90’s, this is taking off worldwide. Basically, participants climb inside a huge inflatable ball and roll down a hill. These balls are double-walled and provide full protection for those strapped within. Some zorb locations also provide water based zorb opportunities…not suggested for winter zorbing, however.

So get out your winter workout gear and try something new, you may just have a hard time stopping once you have started!

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