Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

We’re at that time of year again, when we’ll be celebrating with loved ones, enjoying special food and gifts, and then making plans to make 2016 even better than this year. New Year’s resolutions will make up a decent portion of conversation at many a holiday table. And although lots of people will be planning to lose weight, learn a new language, or cut back on the coffee, seniors have some special priorities.

So as you look toward January 1st and think about how you will make your life better in the New Year, here are the top resolutions for seniors…

  1. Make fitness a priority. We say all of the time that fitness makes everything better, and it truly does! Regardless of whether you have had your health and fitness at heart and just need to enhance it, or you’re just beginning to look at this crucial part of living, make fitness a priority in the New Year. From consistent exercise, to eating healthier, any steps you take toward your health and fitness will be beneficial.
  2. Proof your home against falls. One in three aging adults falls each year, leading to painful injuries that can take months to recover from, or even death. Fall-proof your home by removing things that may put you at risk for falling, such as throw rugs, and install things that may help you prevent a fall, like handrails in the shower.
  3. Challenge your emotional and mental health. I know that I’ve mentioned this several times before, “Use it or lose it!” Your mind works better the more you use it. Do puzzles, crosswords, and engage your mind in social situations like bridge club (this will also help keep you from becoming depressed).
  4. Document your memories. You’ve lived a long, full life! While you probably don’t expect it to come to a close anytime soon, now is the time to document your stories and memories for your legacy, so that your children and grandchildren (and beyond) can appreciate them too. At very least, make an effort to label every photo or memento you have. Another great project to start in the New Year is to put them all into an album – craft stores have fun paper, stamps, cut-outs and more to make a beautiful scrapbook.
  5. Get things in order. This may be a morbid concept, but getting your affairs in order and informing your loved ones of your wishes now will save a lot of heartache and complication after your passing. It can be hard to face this project, or to even know where to start. The National Institute on Aging has some guidelines – click here to learn more.

Happy New Year!

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