To Moms Everywhere …

by Barry Hill

facts about mother's day

In honor of Moms everywhere, we at Fit After Fifty have compiled a few interesting facts about Mother’s Day and Moms:[ul style=”4″]

[li]$14.6 Billion was spent on Mother’s Day in 2010, making it the biggest gift-giving holiday in the U.S. behind Christmas. Yet, most Mom’s prefer time off with their kids (especially if their kids have left home) or time without the kids, rather than pricey gifts.[/li]

[li]The cost of raising a child until age 17 is $477,100 for high-income families and $206,000 for low-income families. Most Moms work to help cover these costs, in addition to being primarily responsible for housekeeping and child-rearing.[/li]

[li]Being a Mom, whether a stay-at-home or a working Mom, is hard work. It has been estimated that cooking, child care, housekeeping, chauffeur and laundry services provided by your Mom would cost $94,700 per year if you were to hire that work done.[/li]

[li]By the time you’re 17, your Mom has spent at least 18,564 hours taking care of you, if not many more.[/li]

[li]When asked what they’d prefer to do if they had one hour on Mother’s Day to spend on an activity, 52% said they’d prefer a 60-minute massage while 48% would prefer a 60-minute bike ride.[/li]

[li]8 out of 10 Moms say they would prefer sleeping in on Mother’s Day. Two out of 10 would prefer a sunrise breakfast with the kids.[/li]

[li]1 out of 3 Moms say they’d secretly like to have the day to themselves.[/li]

[li]75% of Moms say they’d like a hand-made card while 25% say they want a necklace from Tiffany’s.[/li][/ul]
So, to Mom’s everywhere, we hope you’re able to sleep until noon, wake up to a hand-made card and your favorite beverage and pastry, and have the rest of the day to spend however you wish! No cooking, cleaning, housekeeping or other child-rearing tasks for one whole day.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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