Tips to Maintain Your After Fifty Fitness Perspective

by Barry Hill

Staying motivated to remain committed to fitness can be hard. We’re certainly well aware of that. It is a time commitment, a commitment to utilize energy—which at times we all feel we’re short on—and sometimes even a commitment to giving up things we greatly enjoy (like copious amounts of ice cream). At times, we can feel discouraged when we’re far away from goals, or when we start to compare ourselves to others, or when we slip up and miss an opportunity to get exercise, or when we overindulge in food or drink. We are no strangers to those feelings!

A huge part of the battle to getting & staying fit is in our heads. It is important to maintain a good attitude, a healthy perspective, and ultimately the motivation to keep going down the path toward continued fitness. Whether you’re feeling good about your current pursuit of fitness, or you’re presently feeling down or disconnected from it, here are five tips to maintain your after fifty fitness perspective:

Quote-0031. Understand the REAL benefits of fitness.

In today’s media-crazed culture, the pursuit of fitness can get mixed up and confused with a desire to “look better”. Remember that health-focused and fit living is about far more than fitting into a pair of jeans, or looking good in a tank top—it gives way to longer, happier, healthier, and fuller lives! It can help alleviate a number of physical ailments, and can literally help add time to your life. Fitness isn’t about looking good—it’s about “living good” (or living well for the grammar police among us.)  It’s about quality of life to do the things we want to do and more.

2. Don’t go at it alone—find people that support and encourage your healthy habits.

Finding an affinity-based community, particularly one that focuses on your preferred fitness activity, will provide you with two primary benefits: encouragement and accountability. Be an encouragement to others while you’re in those situations, too. Often times, encouraging others is a great way to motivate ourselves at the same time.

3. Only compete against your current self.

If there are two things we can be certain of in life, it is that there is only one you, and time moves forward. We’re not saying don’t enter into competitions that involve others, but the competition within you shouldn’t be against the others around you. Use your competitive spirit to strive to be the best current you. We say current, because it’s also important to realize that the past is the past.If you’re reading this, you’re likely over fifty. You’ll never be your 18-year-old you ever again, and that’s not a bad thing. (And we’re thankful for that, too!) So save yourself some frustration and don’t  compete against your younger self. Strive for greatness as your current you.

4. Remember your wins.

Keep track of times you’ve succeeded! When you’re feeling discouraged or  losing motivation, look back at  those times as an encouragement and reminder that you CAN do it. You have in the past, and you can in the future.

5. Focus on fun.

If you’re stuck in a boring exercise rut, of course it’s going to be hard to keep going! If you get up every morning and begrudgingly go for a run, you’ll likely lose motivation fast. Find things that make you feel alive! Search for activities that leave you feeling emotionally/spiritually refreshed when you’re done. Enjoying your fitness activities will leave you craving more rather than dreading the next time.

We love tips & tricks for maintaining motivation—what are some of yours?

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