Tips for Safe Rainy Day Cycling

by Alison McIrvin
Tips for Safe Rainy Day Cycling

Cycling is one of those sports that is highly addictive. And those badass, committed cyclists are not going to let rainy days hold them back. With a bit of safety precaution and planning, you can continue with your rides even for rainy day cycling.

  • Regulate your body temperature: Core body temperature is an issue, because as you get chilled, your focus is affected which can leave to poor decisions regarding bike control. Therefore, a light breathable, waterproof shell is your best friend. Accept ahead of time that even with a waterproof shell, you will get wet, the goal is to manage your body temp and not get chilled.
  • Adjust for slippery roads: Make sure to test your brakes before you start since wet conditions have a direct effect on your ability to brake in time. Braking in the rain safely is braking in a straight line, not on a corner, so think ahead and as much as is possible keep your bike more upright than normal through corners, not accelerating out of them too quickly
  • Look out for specific sliding hazards: Painted surfaces and steel are even more of a hazard when road conditions are wet. Painted crosswalks, white lines, manhole covers, grates, and railroad crossings are the most common hazards. If you can’t avoid them, take care to ride them straight on rather than at angles or in turning.
  • Protect your vision: A cap with a visor along with cycling glasses help keep splatters out and your eyes on the road. Many collisions are due to vision impairment from wet conditions.
  • Light it up: Even mid-day in winter, wet weather is dark and that makes you more difficult to see by motorists. Improve your chances with bike, helmet, and body mounted lights.
  • Fenders: they may not be the sleekest racing accessory, but they keep you just that much drier and cleaner and again, focused on the road rather than your own discomfort

Keep yourself safe out there and continue to enjoy your rides all rainy season long… and be sure to finish up with a nice hot drink as a reward for your badass commitment in the rain!

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