Thoughtful, Creative Gift Ideas for Seniors

Struggling to find the perfect holiday gift for an aging loved one? Here are several creative gift ideas for seniors to help get you started!

Entertainment Passes. Even if they are independent and active, a retired senior is often on a fixed income and cannot afford extras such as tickets to the theatre, golf course passes, and similar entertainment activities. Give them an experience they will cherish with tickets or passes an upcoming performance or local pastime like golfing or dance lessons. Maybe even make a date out of it, so you can enjoy it together!

Custom Gift Basket. Elderly people have a lot of difficulty shopping, so a special gift basket just for them is a lovely treat! Pack it with their favorite cookies and chocolate, tea, fresh fruit, and snacks. Add in things such as slippers, restaurant gift cards, small games or puzzles, large-print magazines, and maybe some assistive items such as a page magnifier, head lamp, or oversized calculator.

Tablet. Although the aging loved one(s) in your life may not be tech-savvy, they can easily learn how to use a tablet for reading, engaging with friends over social media, and more! A tablet can help them feel more connected, while also offering entertainment. Since it’s an all-in-one device, a tablet such as a Kindle Fire or iPad can also help them manage medications, exercise their mind with brain games, and read their favorite books in large-print.

Memory Book. One of the most treasured things we all have is our memories, which is why dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is so painful. Remind your loved one of the best of times with a handmade photo or scrapbook that they can flip through and enjoy.

Household Items. As boring as it may seem, elderly people don’t have much ability to shop for household items that suit developing conditions such as arthritis, diminishing eyesight/hearing, etc. Items such as cozy throw blankets, clothing that is easy to put on and remove, custom kitchen essentials (ergonomic and better grip), towels, and devices to help them manage their medications are great ideas.

The gift of fitness is one that you can give as well, and it’s a gift that improves every aspect of their life! Give them the video enhanced eBook, Fit After Fifty: Because It Makes Everything Better, to inspire them, and consider purchasing a membership to their local gym so that they have a place to start.

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