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Fit After Fifty is an inspirational movement comprised of an online magazine, video-enhanced eBook, and dynamic community and social networks for baby boomers & beyond. It’s a celebration of healthy, fit living, showcasing real journeys of people who choose to live better through fitness.

Sean Floyd

Business Developmentsean

Sean has a passion for health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness.  A lifelong athlete, he finds satisfaction in taking his health and fitness into his own hands, studying the latest industry trends, and sharing the practical and applicable knowledge he gathers to everyone around him.  He wholeheartedly believes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle increases both longevity and life satisfaction.

James Trent

Lead Designer


As Lead Designer at Fit After Fifty, James loves using digital media to help and encourage people over 50 on their fitness journey. He likes making stuff, whether that’s fitness videos, cool graphics, or awesome web pages. He sees art and design as a way to share ideas, encourage people, and spread hope.