The Link Between Well-Being and Job Performance Is Now Confirmed

by Barry Hill

Results of a recently released Healthways study show for the first time a link between well-being and job performance.  People who have low well-being are seven times more likely to have low job performance ratings and are twice as likely to say their intentions of staying with the same employer are low.

The connection between well-being and reduced job performance is in addition to other documented costs of low-well-being employees. For example, these employees are twice as likely to have high health care claims and four times more likely to have short-term disability days and emergency room visits. They are also seven times more likely to take sick days and forty seven times more likely to come to work sick.

These findings allow employees to be classified based on productivity risks, helping employers to focus on the appropriate wellness programs. Investing in employee wellness initiatives not only can cut healthcare costs and increase productivity, but can also provide excellent ROI by increasing employee retention.

These important topics and more will be covered in depth during the 4th Annual Corporate Wellness Conference October 24-26, 2012. The focus of this year’s “#1 Conference in the Corporate Health and Wellness” is on increasing employee engagement in their health and wellness.

“Our focus will be on best practices and case studies of innovative and successful “engagement” methods and activities that employers are using to get employees actively participating and taking charge of their health.”

Fit After Fifty will be in attendance. Follow our blog, Twitter and Facebook page for useful insights from conference thought leaders.


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