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Get Inspired with the Fit After Fifty eBook

Fit After Fifty: Because it Makes Everything Better, is a video-enhanced eBook full of real people’s experiences getting fit after they turned 50.

It includes nine stories, supplemented by videos. We think that seeing and hearing real people share their stories creates a more impactful experience, motivating YOU to get fit after fifty.

What You Get from the eBook

  • Inspiration and motivation to get fit after age 50
  • See how real people became fit after 50 with personal stories
  • Hear about the benefits of fitness after 50 in the lives of these people
  • Get ideas for how to apply fitness after age 50 in your own life

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Included in the eBook

  • Nine Stories from real people who have achieved fitness after age 50
  • Videos exploring these people’s stories
  • A foreword and afterword from expert fitness and medical professionals

Get inspired with a forward from a Pacific Northwest CrossFit trainer and life coach, Jake Platt, as well as a few words from Kaiser Permanente’s Occupational Health MD, Dr. Rachel Fischer. Dr. Bill Watts, Pulmonary Medicine & Critical Care MD at Overlake Hospital Medical Center wraps up the eBook with a final word on why fitness matters so much for our personal health.

We hope this book and its inspiring subjects and their stories will help you get started on your fitness journey, no matter what your age!

The eBook will be published to Amazon and Apple Books in Mid-January of 2019.

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