The ‘D’ Word: Diabetes Awareness

by Barry Hill

diabetes awareness


As you may have heard by now, November is Diabetes Awareness month. Fit After Fifty would like to contribute to the sharing of info to help all of us actually become more aware.  

Why Should We Spread Diabetes Awareness?

Why? According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), nearly 12 percent of the Hispanic population has diabetes and even more importantly, are at a 66 percent increased risk of developing the disease when compared to other ethnicities. In addition, a new APMA survey found that 90 percent of US Hispanics with diabetes or at risk for diabetes have not visited a podiatrist. Therefore, it is very important to have a yearly check-up to prevent not only diabetes but other diseases as well.

Diabetes complications in the feet can be very dangerous. In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic lower-limb amputation (see inforgraphic below). But guess what, these complications and amputations can be prevented! With proper foot care from today’s podiatrist, you can manage the effects of the disease on your feet. Podiatrists are the most qualified doctors to care for your feet, based on their education, training, and experience. If you or a loved one has diabetes, visit a podiatrist regularly and knock your socks off to keep your feet healthy.

Type 2 Diabetes has become a growing problem in our country.  THE GOOD NEWS, is that it’s extremely PREVENTABLE and TREATABLE.  We have it within our power to modify our lifestyle toward more fit and healthy behavior.  You’ve heard it before, but it certainly is worthy repeating–lifestyle modifications start with baby steps. It is very important for people to be very cautious of what we eat but most importantly help share diabetes awareness. More on baby steps and behavior change to come….stay tuned!

Special thanks to Healthline for the great infographic!

Type 2 Diabetes Statistics Infographic


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