Take Control of Your Health and Fitness

by Jess Fleming

Take control of your health and fitness

Guest Blogger for Fit After Fifty: Jess Fleming, fitness expert and founder of Fleming Wellness (complete bio listed below).

I’d like to start with something I remind my clients and myself: Take control of your health and fitness. You are smart, capable, strong, and can be what you want at anytime. We’re just forgetful sometimes. So, I’m just here to remind you and me. 

Let me tell you a story about my wonderful client and friend, Vicky. She has spent the last year changing her life and growing into what already existed within her. This particular journey was a surprise to her. Vicky participates in her company’s group exercise class that I teach. This time last year, she was hooked on lattes, diet coke, and everything opposite of the “diet” advice I was giving to the class. (Note her stubbornness. It comes in handy later.)

In February, with the encouragement of some her co-workers, she joined the challenge we were doing at the office. This particular challenge included eating Paleo and exercising. She thought, “Ah, what the heck? Why not?” After the six week challenge was over, she had such excellent results and felt so much better, that she just kept going. What Vicky hadn’t really told anyone was that she felt ashamed she had let herself get so out of control with her weight. Her confidence to change was low. Vicky realized she needed some help moving forward, so I started designing monthly workout programs for Vicky and periodically checking in on her food choices. Week after week, the weight began to drop, her energy increased, and she was excited to exercise! What originally started as an attempted challenge, had now grown into a full blown life change. Vicky didn’t know where this journey was going to take her, but she had taken herself out of the “sick” category and right into “wellness”. Now almost a year later she is moving full on into the “fitness” end of the wellness continuum you see here:


Instead of focusing on goals of weight loss, she spent time on the satisfaction that exercise and good quality food facilitated.  Though we “didn’t” focus on weight loss, Vicky has lost 100 pounds to date. Each step hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding. When the days are tough, she just keeps moving. (See, I told you she was stubborn!)

Recently she told me that she was in the gym on a Sunday, alone, having a pity party. She came to the realization that she was there to meet her goals and no longer needed to feel sorry for herself. So, she picked herself up and kicked her own butt. She realized that everything she needed to succeed was within her all along. I couldn’t be more proud. But more importantly, she is proud of herself.

In the spirit of Healthy Weight Week, I challenge you (or challenge you to challenge someone you know) to want to feel good about yourself.  This is about creating healthy habits–eating well without dieting and living actively to feel good! Having an ideal weight in mind isn’t relevant to becoming healthy. In fact, sometimes making a weight loss goal is a deterrent to health and weight loss. Depending on your current condition, it’s possible for you to become healthy and fit without losing weight at all. Imagine that?!


If you’d like to take Vicky’s lead and make a step towards your goals, she has some advice for you:

1. Get nutritional guidance.

2. Get a partner to exercise with.

3. Just stick with it.


I’ll add a few:

1. Try as many forms of exercise until you find one that you like. You don’t have to run a marathon to be healthy. (Especially if you hate it!)

2. Be patient with yourself. Making a change sucks at first, and then it gets easier.  All too often we don’t extend the slack in our worlds that we do with others.

3. Take it one step at a time.


And just remember…take control of your health and fitness. You are smart, capable, strong, and can be what you want at anytime.

-Jess Fleming


If you have any questions or interested in Jess’ services, you can contact her here:

[email protected]





Fitness expert and founder of Fleming Wellness, has trained college athletes, high school athletes, marathoners, pregnant and postpartum moms, the injured, the young, the young-at-heart, and who is left? Basically, Jessica has experience training men and women from all walks of life and in various physical stages of health and fitness for 8 years.  In addition to traditional training, she creates online health/fitness programs with emphasis on strength, flexibility, better nutrition, and overall vibrancy of the body. B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Health & Fitness from Texas Christian University. Certified personal trainer through the NSCA and is also CrossFit Level 1 and Gymnastics Certified.

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Barry Hill February 8, 2013 - 10:21 pm

Thanks to people like you, more of us will be empowered to start or continue taking those baby steps and really enjoy seeing those results. Of course, “results” can be that endorphin-rush post workout, not necessarily tying “results” to a number on the scale. It’s about feeling healthy, which happens to feel awesome!

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