The ‘D’ Word: Diabetes Awareness

diabetes awareness


As you may have heard by now, November is Diabetes Awareness month. Fit After Fifty would like to contribute to the sharing of info to help all of us actually become more aware.   Read more

Hope FOR Change

Hope For Change

Aren’t serendipitous events some of our most wonderful experiences on this life?!

On my flight to Fort Lauderdale, FL for the Corporate Wellness Conference, I sat next to a gentleman, who I come to find out is about to turn 60.  Our conversation strikes up as I’m noticing his fancy applications utilizing video on his iPad.  I’m naturally interested to inquire…perhaps FitBehavior can benefit from a new video app.  You never know!

He was very kind and genuinely shared information about his work as a contracting programmer, creating these robust apps.  But as much as I was interested to pick his brain re video apps, the conversation took a turn toward a much more real, life issue…health.  As I showed him some of the content from the book, including a video or two, he went quiet…and then very generously proceeded to share his own story. Read more

Healthy Habits That Nurture Body, Mind and Mood

Eating, sleeping and movement all work together to affect your mood and overall well-being. Here are some healthy habits that nurture mind, body and mood posted by Fit After Fifty. Need to make changes? Start small by adding one new habit this week. Read more

The Link Between Well-Being and Job Performance Is Now Confirmed

Results of a recently released Healthways study show for the first time a link between well-being and job performance.  People who have low well-being are seven times more likely to have low job performance ratings Read more

What’s in it for you?

Fit After Fifty had the opportunity to conduct general market research with consumers all over the country. We Fit After Fifty showed them a sample of content from the book.  We were curious to know what people thought was “in it for them”.  The following visual highlights real responses:

**Special thanks to Lisa at for her assistance with the surveys and Anthony at for his creation of the graphic.