The Power of Social Fitness Communities: Be Social!

social fitness

Is Social Fitness The Way to Go?

Fit After Fifty believes it is! One of the biggest challenges, especially for those new to fitness, is staying on track with your workout program. To some, having a “workout buddy” can help you stay motivated, as can hiring a trainer (the two roles might even mesh together!). Some might prefer to workout alone since that helps them concentrate on certain techniques with no interruptions and will be in and out of the gym. However, “going social” with your fitness routine not only helps stave off boredom but reaps other benefits as well.

Seek out a community that encourages and supports you to help reach your goals…maybe help you define those goals in the first place.  A “fitness community” can vary in shape & form–a running club, a crossfit gym, the YMCA, a group of friends that meet for weekly pick-up volleyball, a golf club, your spouse that walks with you every morning…[fill in the blank].  Making social fitness most often facilitates a certain level of  variety, intensity and group energy.  The camaraderie and resulting peer pressure lead to accountability, which tends to keep even the most couch-potato-inclined moving. Read more