Synergy and Balance: Sarah Bramblett’s Fit After Fifty Story

by Alison McIrvin
A group of people holding up weights to show off their muscles

Late 2018 brought about a new workout plan and a community with which to pursue it for Sarah Bramblett. Having a son who is a personal trainer and successful CrossFit athlete certainly helped the process.  Balancing her workout needs with her busy family life is a challenging, but necessary factor to make it all work.

Sarah was raised by fit and active parents and grew up a track and soccer athlete herself, so fitness was always a part of her life. Sarah fills many roles as a wife, mother of five, grandmother to seven nearby, and daughter to an aging father who needs care. Sarah chooses to be active in her kids’ and grandkids’ lives and has to be intentional about her approach to fitness to balance it all.

For 35 years, Sarah was always involved in cardio of some form, adding swimming six years ago to strengthen her back and upper body. She made the swimming more fun by signing up for a sprint triathlon. After one tri under her belt, life got busy, but she continued swimming twice weekly with other workouts scheduled as well.

Despite her regular workouts, Sarah was experiencing some back pain. Knowing this was due to her lack of strength training and wanting to avoid injuries in her fitness regimen, Sarah turned to a trainer she could trust — her son, a CrossFit Games competitor and owner of a local CrossFit gym.

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Sarah and her husband enjoy hiking together.

Crossfit was a totally different approach to fitness for Sarah, and she knew that trusting her trainer was key to modifying the workouts to help her reach her goals of strength training without injury. He son initially got her started with basic movements for lifting with small weights and concentrating on good form. Sarah works out hard, but is careful to be honest with herself regarding her limits to avoid injuries.

Hacks that work:

When asked what motivates her to incorporate fitness into her lifestyle, Sarah is reminded of the example her parents set and how regular fitness helps her to manage stress, sleep better, focus better at work, and live a calmer, more grateful life.

One of Sarah’s measurable goals is to be able to pull up her own bodyweight, and she now feels that it is possible due to her trainers and CrossFit. She has only been at it for two months, but sees results in overall body tone and strength, greater range of motion, and the joy of trying something new and fun with a group of like-minded people.

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