Start Getting Fit… What Does Progress Look Like?

by Barry Hill


start getting fit

As communicated by the athletes Fit After Fifty researched, it’s always a work in progress. Start getting fit now! This can be somewhat intimidating. Try: starting, identify goals, seek advice and support, be okay to fail often, rinse/repeat!

I know for many it is hard to start a new habit, especially one that stops and starts consistently. Having a steady workout plan is hard to manage because of your daily routines. Some are not used to squeezing in a 30-1 hour workout while working, making dinner, picking up the kids, or other activities. Hopefully this will help you build or rebuild a good exercise plan. Know that this is not easy but this is intended to be an easy step to start getting fit at any age. The following is just a quick list that you may use to guide your goal when you start getting fit:

1. Decide to start: Deciding to start is probably the hardest step to begin. Since you are not used to this habit yet, it may be difficult. Find anything that gets you moving, a song, tv, friends, etc.

2. Identify a goal: Once you have started your workout plan, identify a goal. Write down where you would like to be in 30 days or any days, weeks, months you prefer.

3. Do something. Fail: It’ll happen.

4. Seek advice toward identifying smaller goals to help you reach your main goal(s).

5. Do something. Fail again: It’ll happen again.

6. Surround yourself with people who will support your goals.

7. Do something. Fail again: It’ll happen again but for the last time. Failures are meant to happen to anyone. However, be sure to keep going and never quit! With many fails you will definitely learn something about yourself and your goals. Can you manage to finish? Of course you can!!

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dpayne September 20, 2012 - 4:53 pm

Whoever said ” begin, the rest is easy” never tried to lose weight.

Jessica Seyfert September 20, 2012 - 6:40 pm

The people we’ve researched prove it too. Unfortunately most goals don’t have linear paths, but persistence, outside support and a little bit of a sense of humor is always helpful.

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