Spring Cleaning: Give Your Diet A Makeover

Spring is here—and people are hitting the roads on their bicycles, in their running shoes, moving to the outdoor tennis courts, and getting their workouts in in the form of spring cleaning. As we move past the dense wintery foods, and into BBQ & cookout season, get ready NOW to clean up your diet and nourish your body this summer! Spring is a great time to reevaluate what you’re putting into your body—the new life all around us is exciting & inspiring—and the seasonal produce is amazing!

As you’re getting ready to clean up your diet, ask yourself the following questions so you know where you should change things, what can remain the same, and where you have a little wiggle room:

1. How do you feel?

This can be broken down into a handful of questions that specifically address different areas of your body. Asking yourself things like, “How do my joints feels?” or “How does my digestive system feel?” Evaluating these things can help you address certain dietary changes you can make to correct those problems.

Healthy-diet2. What are areas you’re doing well in?

Before you get down to the nitty gritty, identify areas of your diet that you know are good-to-go. Do you tend to eat a healthy breakfast? That’s great! Do you drink enough water in the day to maintain a healthy hydration level? Awesome!

3. What areas do you know you’re not eating well in?

It takes a little research & education to REALLY know what a healthy diet looks like—and what YOUR healthy diet should look like. With modern media, however, it doesn’t take a lot to know some of the things that are genuinely bad for your health. What are some of those areas that you think to yourself, “I know this is bad for me, but…” Overeating fast-food? Too much ice cream? Soda? Beer? Acknowledge these things so you know where to focus

4. How would you rate your ‘food awareness’?

In addition to knowing what’s in season, it’s good to know how to literally clean up your diet by knowing which foods are typically exposed to more chemicals and pesticides than others (click here for a helpful resource). Ultimately, this printable guide helps you be informed about when it makes sense to buy organic or not, since ‘organic’ produce typically equates to “produced pesticide-free”

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, write your answers down, and begin to create a plan to change the areas you’ve identified. Stock your home with the healthy things—and preemptively plan an “escape route” for the unhealthy things. If there’s an area you’re not feeling well in—like stiff joints, unsettled stomach, constant headaches, etc. talk to a dietician about how you can change your diet to alleviate your physical issues.

Now that you’ve given your diet a makeover, get out into that wonderful spring weather!

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