Something In The Works…

by Barry Hill


The Fit After Fifty Team is taking a brief end-of-the-summer hiatus. Though we don’t plan on getting in extra rounds of golf or beach volleyball games, we do plan to spend extra time on something very exciting….something that we hope will be even greater for our community of followers…something to help entice MORE people to adopt their own fit behavior and live life better!

We appreciate your support and interest in creating more fit communities. It’s a worthy cause! We think you’ll like the changes we’ll have ready for you by (approximately) mid-September.

Meanwhile, keep up with your exercise! It may get harder to stay on track once the busy fall season kicks in, so make it a point to solidify your exercise habit during what’s left of summer. If all else fails, try dancing! This guy is having so much fun, and that’s what exercise should be all about.

If you need a motivation boost visit our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages and connect with us there.

See you in September!


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