The Saturday Smoothie: Back Pain, Decision Fatigue, & More

How many times have you told yourself that you were going to eat a healthy diet, you weren’t going to have the soda with lunch, and would definitely NOT have the slice of cake in the office for your coworkers birthday.  Yet, in the heat of the moment, you still find yourself eating forkful after forkful of delicious sugary dessert.  Sound all too familiar?  What you may be suffering from is called decision fatigue.  Yes, you heard that right, decision fatigue.  Think of your willpower as a muscle, like any of them, it needs rest and recovery to perform optimally.

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Reduce Back Pain

back pain

Back pain is something that affects nearly every aspect of life when it’s something you suffer from.  I myself have two herniated discs in my L5 / S1 region in my spine, and can tell you having the pain flare up makes it nearly impossible to get anything done.  I’ve personally tried all of these exercises, and they are GREAT for reducing the pain throughout the day.  Dedicate just a few minutes each morning to experience less pain throughout the day.

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Building Strength


Strength is not something that’s important only to bodybuilders, athletes, and manual laborers.  Strength is critical for all of our long term health and longevity.  Use these exercises to build upon the foundation of strength you have.  We know you’ll love them because they’re easy to to right in the comfort of your own home!

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Improve Gut Health


Gut health, what’s that all about?  Well, the health of our gut is very closely connected to our overall health.  When we have a good balance of healthy bacteria, our gut can be our best friend.  When it’s out of whack, it can lead to digestion issues, skin problems, and a whole range of negative consequences.

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