Resonating with Healthy Living

by Barry Hill

healthy living motivational eBooks

By popular demand the new mini multimedia eBooks have arrived!

‘Resonate’ defined:

 To evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief.

In our effort to REMIND people that we are all capable of healthy living, we here at are striving to connect people’s experiences via stories – so that you, the reader, can be motivated to take action. The key here is for something to resonate, or “evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief”. After all, we’re all naturally inclined to be motivated to do the same when we see someone like us take action and have the success that we want for ourselves. We’re just more confident to take action, thinking “I can do that too!” More on the power of story-telling and behavior change.

Is there proof that the Fit After Fifty books are actually helping people to make healthy behavior changes and adopt “healthy living”?

Good question. The answer: Yes, absolutely. We’ve received very encouraging feedback  from readers. And – just so we have stats to back up those claims – we’ve started to more precisely track how the stories in the Fit Behavior books are affecting real, everyday people.

Here’s a recent post by guest-author Susan. An interesting thing has recently happened for Susan – she’s started on her own fitness journey, fueled by our book, Inspire Your Fit Behavior.

But, will the Fit Behavior books work for you and those close to you?

Let’s test it!

Please share the following link with your friends and family to access a FREE mini eBook:

You can access yours here:

Let us know of your experience with your free mini ebook. Contact us here.


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