Pilates Benefits for all Ages

by Alison McIrvin
Pilates Benefits for all Ages

The word Pilates tends to evoke images of Jennifer Aniston and other Hollywood names.  It has been one of the hot fitness trends for some time, now. Even pro athletes are taking on Pilates to complement their regular training regime. However, Pilates is here to stay and is a great method of exercise for the 50+ population with many benefits to offer.

The heart of Pilates training is strengthening the core. When the core in strengthened, all over body power, flexibility, balance, and stamina are greatly increased.  As you learn to breathe and move more efficiently with greater body awareness, performance improves noticeably.

Leg and knee injuries from your college days that have been plaguing you are greatly diminished due to increased flexibility and uniform body development. Pilate’s works a strong foundation from the inside out and thereby focuses on opposite and supporting muscles rather than just one or two larger muscle groups.

As you gain strength and flexibility through your Pilates training, you will see in improvement in your performance in other sports or activities that you participate in.  Golfers see an increase spinal rotation as well as core strength which in turn gives more power to their swing. Runners improve balance and joint issues.

As you learn to strengthen the core, a greater mind-body connection occurs. This creates more body awareness, reduces injury, develops coordination and flexibility, as well as improves balance and endurance. All of these elements are needed for success in the activities we want to try, but also for stronger overall fitness and health for life-long fitness.

People of all ages to start Pilates training see a noticeable improvement in balance after just a few sessions. The primary cause of injuries for the elderly is falls due to a decline in balance in the senior years.  We all will age much better as we keep fit. But the injury prevention factor that Pilates brings is a great reason for the 50+ population to get in the Pilates game!  Pilates is an excellent alternative to typical fitness programs due to its lower impact on joints and focus on stability, core balance, breathing, and body awareness.

Featured photo source: Pilateson10th.com.

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