NW CrossFit & How to Choose a Fitness Trainer

by Barry Hill
NW CrossFit & How to Choose a Fitness Trainer

By Jake Platt, Founder, President & CEO of NW CrossFit

Our lives depend on our fitness. When we exercise regularly and correctly (form and function), we are more flexible, energized, fit, and healthy! But the process of getting to that point can feel overwhelming or complicated. A fitness trainer is key to helping you make the most of every workout, avoiding injury, and receiving the accountability and encouragement you need.

At our four Northwest CrossFit locations around Seattle, we practice in-depth training with our clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. Here are our suggestions for how to choose a fitness trainer to support you…

1) Find a trainer with expertise in your ideal fitness program.

There exist dozens of trending fitness programs these days, the most popular of which is CrossFit. Despite (or maybe because of) its popularity, there are lots of misconceptions about this fitness training program. Our goal at Northwest CrossFit is to break these misconceptions down and show that it is an amazing program for people of all ages. If done right, CrossFit leads to Functional Fitness that will help us get in shape, function better, build confidence, achieve wellness, and have an overall better quality of life as we get older.


2) Knowledge and expertise are key for effective fitness training.

Just because a person is familiar with fitness methods that work for himself or herself doesn’t mean they can help others. A fitness trainer needs to have knowledge, expertise, education, and training. Our Northwest CrossFit trainers believe that there is no one we can’t help, regardless of our client’s current state of health and fitness.


3) Choose a fitness trainer who will support you – all the way!

An effective workout training session requires far more than just a trainer telling you what to do and the number of reps. Every fitness trainer at Northwest CrossFit offers each client lots of help, support and guidance throughout the training sessions. Our goal is first to inspire confidence, instill a sense of accomplishment, and help you reach your fitness goals without injury.


4) Your trainer should have the ability to modify your workouts to best suit your abilities and needs.

Most people have the view that CrossFit is an intense or extreme method of fitness training. While certainly can be for some, we like to scale the intensity of workouts to meet each individual’s skill and strength level. Northwest CrossFit practices unlimited scaling of intensity for each client’s workouts by focusing on weight load, the volume of reps/length of time, and range of motion.


5) Bonus points if your trainer has a network of related fitness services!

Fitness doesn’t just happen with exercise. It’s super helpful if your trainer can point you toward nutritionists, physical therapists, and other services that can help round out your fitness. At our Interbay location, we have partnered with Kinetic Sports Rehab to offer our clients access to Sports Rehabilitation Doctors and Rehab Specialists. This is cool and unique because it is important for athletes of all ages to get help getting through pitfalls in their journey toward fitness, and not let an injury stop them from reaching their fitness goals.


NW CrossFit has multiple locations around Seattle: in Ballard, Greenlake, Bellevue, and Interbay. We work with individuals of all ages, and have several clients who are age 50+, they love what CrossFit is doing for them! Ready to get started with a CrossFit fitness trainer? Check out our Beginner Series!

nw crossfit beginner seriesNote: We have two specials going on right now:

  • $59 for our two week beginner series (normally $195)
  • Six (6) one-on-one sessions with a trainer for $300 (normally $450), and you can bring a friend to join you if you’d like.

Your first session with us is always free!

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