New Year’s Resolutions: Keep Up With These Nutritional Tips

by Barry Hill
New Year’s Resolutions: Keep Up With These Nutritional Tips

Consistent exercise isn’t the only New Year’s resolution to make for the benefit of your health! Your diet is equally important for a well-rounded, successful fitness regimen. Keep up with your resolutions for better fitness and health in 2016 with these nutritional tips…

Make small steps, and stay consistent. A recent report noted that while most New Year’s resolutions fizzle by the end of February, consistently following small behavioral changes in your diet can have a lasting impact.

Choose water as your beverage of choice. Regardless of whether your habitual beverage is a soda or coffee, try to switch at least one beverage/serving per day to water instead. Bored? Lemon, cucumber or strawberry slices (and/or some mint) are a healthy way to add some flavor, or you can purchase unsweetened flavored seltzer water to drink.

Make sure to eat one serving of fresh fruit or vegetables with every meal. Fresh produce is key to a healthy diet, both for nutritional value as well as for all of the vitamins and minerals they contain. Plan a variety of fruits and vegetables to have on hand to enjoy with your meals or as a healthy snack.

Eat fish twice weekly. Fish, particularly salmon, is rich in the healthy, important Omega-3 fatty acids. Balance your red meat and poultry consumption with fish – twice weekly is a good benchmark. Take it a step further and try going totally meatless for one meal each week.

Don’t avoid all fats, just the unhealthy ones. Speaking of healthy fats like Omega-3s, plan your diet to include more unsaturated fat (good for your heart) and less saturated fat. Here is a helpful article about good fats vs. bad ones.

Clean your cupboards of sugary foods. Get rid of that high fructose corn syrup! Go through your pantry and cupboards to rid yourself of foods that are high in sugar. Check the labels for sugar’s pseudonyms: fructose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, maltodextrin and fruit juice concentrate. Note: Sugar hides in non-dessert foods as well, such as tomato sauce, so look closely.

Start your day with lots of protein. Not only does protein help keep you full (reducing unhealthy snacking), it energizes, rejuvenates cells, and helps you maintain a healthy weight, according to studies. Start your day with a nutritional, delicious healthy smoothie, yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, etc.

As you plan your new nutritional diet for the New Year, try one (or several!) of these healthy lunch recipes. Need some more help keeping up with the nutritional tips above? Here are some additional suggestions.

Good luck!

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