New Year’s Resolution: 5 Easy Exercises to Do Every Day

by Barry Hill
New Year’s Resolution: 5 Easy Exercises to Do Every Day

If you’re like the 14,278,000+ Americans who make New Year’s Resolutions, it’s time to start thinking about your goals for 2014! About 8% of that 14 million will be successful with their goals. So let’s shoot to be in that 8%!

Adding exercise into your already busy day can be much easier than you may realize. While having a fitness plan with dedicated daily time is optimal, on those busy days that won’t afford you the time you need to fit in a full workout, try these easy-to-do-anywhere exercises that can keep you on a path toward your fitness goals!


Stand firmly with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Keep a straight back, and bend at the knees. When you feel the most tension in your muscles, hold that position for a few seconds, then return to the standing position. If you’re a beginner, try it at first with a chair on either side for support and do it 3-5 times. As you build those muscles, increase your reps and duration of time in the bottom position… Squats can be done anywhere and at any time!

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Find a solid bench or chair to use—no wheels! Sit on the edge with your hands to the outside of your thighs. With your feet flat on the floor, use your arms to lift yourself off of the bench, and lower your body until your elbows are at about a 90° angle—then push yourself back up! Start off with smaller amounts, and listen for your body to say “stop!”. Like any exercise, as you build those muscles, increase your reps. 


Most people, especially in urban centers, have daily opportunities to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable enough to do a few flights of stairs a few times during your lunch break! Or if you’re at home, create a workout routine that involves sets of going up & down your stairs 10 or so times, taking a break, and doing it again! As you build your stamina, increase your reps & speed.


Crunches are a GREAT way to increase your stability/balance over time and jumpstart weightless around the midsection. Muscles are your fat burning machines, so building those muscles will help you lose weight & keep weight off. In addition, keeping a strong core will help your body react better & recover quicker to sudden shifts in balance (tripping, slipping & falling). BE CAREFUL to not strain your neck or back during this exercise. (Insert demo link.)


Take a substantial step, and bend your front leg so it’s about at 90°—or as far as you can go comfortably & stably. Press through both feet to engage various muscle groups. This is another great exercise to build your core muscles & add to your stability. Starting with 20 lunges (10 per leg), and building as you go, is an excellent way to tone your legs & glutes, too!

Studies show that it takes about a month of a regular pattern for that pattern to turn into habit. Fight through the urge to quit pursuing your resolution goals during January—and develop good fitness habits that’ll last for years to come!

And remember, “something is better than nothing”. If you’re having trouble making the time for a full workout, how about taking a 15-20 minute break in your day to complete a few reps of each exercise? This will not only keep you on track with your regular exercise goals, but will also give you that burst of energy (more so than the latte) as you get the blood and oxygen in your body flowing.

What daily exercises do you do every day to help achieve your fitness goals? Share them in the comments section below!

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